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About us

Non-profit foundation to promote sport and rescue from danger to life
Our non-profit and purely voluntary commitment has been promoting sport, sporting and social youth work as well as emergency rescue and accident relief for almost 30 years.
For this purpose, the popular and health-oriented sports club, SSG Ronsdorf e. V., the Ronsdorf sports and gaming community with a club ski school established in 1994, and the also purely voluntary emergency rescue and accident aid association, MARER 112 e. V. founded.
We have always supported and promoted all of these voluntary and charitable activities.
With the help and support of the DAG Foundation, we now want to realize the space we have longed for and urgently needed for our voluntary association work.
We would like to thank you for donations to the DAG foundation account through financial support for our stated funding goals.

Latest project news

Wir haben 17,50 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Dr. Andreas Göller Stiftung  24 November 2022 at 08:55 AM

Ersatzneubau Sportanlage der Sport - und Spielgemeinschaft Ronsdorf e. V., Verein für aktive Jugendfreizeit in Wuppertal Ronsdorf Geranienstr. 55, Unterstützung des gemeinnützigen Sportvereins zur Sicherung des benötigten Eigenbetrags zur Gesamtfinanzierung des Projektes. Herzlichen Dank für die Unterstützung 

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