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Replacement building - club sports facility for non-profit sport activity

A project from Dr. Andreas Göller Stiftung - gemeinnützig
in Wuppertal, Germany

Replacement building of the club sports facility of SSG Ronsdorf e. V., association for active youth leisure time planned for the next 4-6 months. This includes a replacement of the indoor and outdoor sports facilities plus new development

Dr. Andreas Göller Stiftung
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About this project

Due to the demolition of the original Vogelsholz club sports hall, which SSG Ronsdorf e. V., association for active youth leisure time every day of the week for their popular and health sport since it was founded on August 8th, 1993, the existence of the club with well over 600 members was threatened in its purely voluntary work.
The envisaged solution of a new urban hall with assumption of the complete usage times could unfortunately not be made possible. The acquisition of a club property with the use of modular container structures as a club sports facility has not nearly made up for the deficits since then.
The renting or leasing of an adjoining hall was then used as a substitute for indoor sports activities, but the club could no longer match its original offer due to the lack of usage options. It was desperately looking for a replacement solution over the years, as the modules were getting more and more old, which, however, had failed due to the financing and had to be postponed further and further.
The replacement building of the club sports facility of SSG Ronsdorf is now to be realized shortly, i.e. in the next 4 - 6 months. This requires extensive, cost-intensive measures to replace the property, new construction of all modular buildings, redesign of the outdoor facilities, new development and redesign of the approach areas and parking space design.
Due to our many years of commitment in this area, we feel obliged to support and advance this project and look forward to further support in order to be able to successfully realize the mammoth project in the short term.

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