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Würdezentrum gemeinützige UG Frankfurt

managed by Boris Knopf

About us

Würdezentrum Frankfurt (Center of Dignity, Frankfurt) is aiming to strengthen and enhance the experience of dignity during illness, infirmity, and death. Dignity is a broad term as it means something different for everyone. However, experiencing dignity is about how something is perceived and thus experienced.

In this context, our activities are aimed at positive developments in the German health care system in order to achieve precisely this strengthening. This includes the promotion of the autonomy and self-determination of each individual, the promotion of humanity, as well as the strengthening of professionalism in the various areas in which people are dependent on support from others.

We want to empower people to address these central issues and, through the various activities, enable a change in the German healthcare system away from a market orientation toward a value orientation. Because love and care is what we all need at the end of life.


Geleitsstrasse 14
Frankfurt am Main

Boris Knopf

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