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ONG Globalsud

managed by M. Risso

About us

GlobalSud is a non-profit humanitarian corporation headquartered in Chile intended to help the disaster victims in America from South America. We provide assistance for urgent needs and support for humanitarian assistance programs. We bring help to all those who are in trouble without taking into account their race, religion or politic affiliation. In order to finance our projects, Globalsud seeks out contributions and grants from individuals, corporations and private enterprises. We encourage professionals and volunteers to donate their talents, time and efforts to help us accomplish our mission.

Latest project news


  M. Risso  27 December 2010 at 11:31 PM

These last days haven`t been a good experience since we are still trying to get the money to build the building that our young girls need to live a worthy life.

We haven`t lost the focus on Christmas spirit, but money it`s what will make dreams come true for our girls. Meanwhile, we make what is in our hands to make them life a little easier. If you get the message, consider it as a beg: WE DO NEED YOUR HELP! At least, consider it... They and we, will be fully appreciated.

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391, Toro Zambrano St.

M. Risso

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