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Muteesa I Royal University

managed by Norman Mukasa

About us

Eco-Hits Academy (U) was incorporated as a company, with a limited guarantee, in 2016. The founders of Eco-Hits Academy were driven by the desire to enhance, motivate and share knowledge for sustainable eco-practices in homesteads, schools, industries and other communities to manage and curb the rate of environmental degradation. It is built on five pillars namely: education, sustainability, research, innovation and tourism. For the past four years, Eco-Hits Academy has trained over 90 interns and students in various skills ranging from environmental stewardship to using the camera for environmental and community research. Eco-Hits Academy has created what it calls the first self-guided tour map in Uganda a product published in the Vumbula-Kampala magazine. It has now embarked on an innovative and ambitious project to reduce solid waste in Kampala and increase awareness of the Reuse, Reduce and Recycle approach.



Norman Mukasa

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