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For Children

managed by Mohammed Shurrab

About us

We are a youth volunteer team from Gaza City aims to help homeless and poor children.
There are many poor children who have no shelter or
breadwinner and ther is no organization helps this group. We want to provide them the basic life requirements such as food and clothing.
We invite everyone is able to support this humanitarian
action to donate and put a smile on the faces of these
This volunteer project started by the end of 2014 and immediately after the last war.
We used to collect donations locally, but the poor economic situation in Gaza forced us to collect donations from outside Gaza.
This is to ensure that we continue to provide the necessary assistance to those children.
We have assisted 317 children so far.
And the numbers increase with the increase in family and social problems such as divorce and immigration outside Gaza, and the decrease in monthly income due to the economic blockade.
The number of employees in this team is 7.


Shurrab street
Palestinian Territory

Mohammed Shurrab

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