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Streuobstzentrum Kirschberghütte Bad Vilbel e.V.

managed by Tanja Tahmassebi-Hack

About us

Hello! We are an intergenerational facility for ecological education and sustainablility in Bad Vilbel. The demand for our educational offers for schools, kindergardens and youth groups is impressively high.

Our 4 main goals are:

• Supporting the ecological enducation of kids, adolescents and adults in connection with meadow orchards as eco system and cultural assett

• Promotion and awareness building concerning meadow orchards, sustainablility and biodiversity

• Safeguarding the care for the meadow orchards by connecting proprietors and suitable tenants /caretakers (care versus use)

• Initiation, organisation and support of intergenerational encounters.

As a nonprofit organisation we need as much financial support as possible. Especially for our offers in ecological education.

Learn more about our project:

A big "Thank you!" to our donors

Sincerely yours , "Team Kirschberghütte"

Latest project news

Wir haben 166,72 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Tanja Tahmassebi-Hack   10 January 2024 at 04:33 PM

Die Gelder werden wir für die Finanzierung unserer Naturpädagogischen Arbeit nutzen. Dazu gehören Referentenhonorare für externe Referenten zu den Themen "Alte Apfelsorten" und "Gesunde Ernährung". Herzlichen Dank an alle Spender*innen!  

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Landgrabenstr. 72
Bad Vilbel

Tanja Tahmassebi-Hack

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