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Michael Succow Stiftung

managed by Lene Schwarz

About us

The Michael Succow Foundation was established in 1999 as the first non-profit nature conservation foundation in the New Laender. The prize money of the Right Livelihood Award presented to the founder Prof. Dr. Michael Succow in 1997 formed the foundation's assets.
The Michael Succow Foundation is an operative foundation that is active both nationally and internationally. In the transformation countries of the East (Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Russia) it is involved in the development and protection of national parks and biosphere reserves. The designation and preservation of the national natural heritage in Germany has been the main national focus of its work for almost 10 years. Especially the protection of peatland is not only one of the foundation's objectives, it is also a matter of the heart of the founder himself and many of his staff. Mire restoration has enormous CO2 saving potential and preserves valuable habitats.


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Lene Schwarz

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