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Patta e. V.

managed by Marina O'Sullivan

About us

The meaning of “Patta” is an endless knot. In Nepal and Tibet, such a knot symbolizes the creation of a never-ending, lucky connection and friendship between the giver and recipient of this sign.
Through our work in Nepal and Germany, PATTA wants to contribute to peace and friendship between the peoples of Nepal, Tibet and Europe. Children and adolescents in Nepal receive the opportunity for qualified schooling and vocational training through financial support and advice. Through projects to improve infrastructure, school and kindergarten construction, we promote the development of their living environment, the preservation of their traditional culture and strengthen their opportunities for self-help.
In recent years, PATTA has built a successfully operating school, a kindergarten and a boarding school in the Upper Mustang District, a mountain region in the north of Nepal.


Schleswiger Str. 16

Marina O'Sullivan

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