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Kitega Community Centre

managed by D. Clemy

About us

Kitega Community Centre is a registered Non-Governmental organisation in Uganda. Our Charity Number is S.5194/5188. Kitega Community Centre aims at attaining a good standard of living for the disabled children and the people in the area surrounding the project base. We seek to empower those who have been marginalized and underserved, providing them with the knowledge, strategic information, skills, resources and capital necessary to become economically independent and self-sustaining. Our main programs focus on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, vocational training, adult education, and micro-enterprises. Our advocacy programs focus on the special strengths as well as needs of children with disabilities, and we seek to end prejudice and discrimination against people with disabilities.

Kitega Community Centre was founded by a Christian church in Kitega village, but we serves all people, regardless of religious affiliations or non-affiliation.


Kitega Village

D. Clemy

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