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Stichting Bye Bye Plastic Foundation

managed by victor Baumert

About us

Bye Bye Plastic is dedicated to eliminate single-use plastics in the music industry by 2025. Our primary strength lies in the music connexion. Benefitting industry insider’s reach, keeping close to this industry’s heartbeat, we’re able to deliver the momentum we need as Earthlings in order to finally get rid of this plastic polluting operating model. By creating a sense of community, we at Bye Bye Plastic re-create the sense of belonging together, that constitutes the cornerstone to building new, sustainable models together. By creating a collective culture, we instigate the faith in possible achievements. Using the power of music to speed-up the plastic-free social tipping point, and promote biosphere balance restoration has never felt so right!


Osdorperban 277
1068 LX

victor Baumert

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