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Unser gemeinnütziger Verein hat die beiden Ziele der Völkerverständigung und des Naturschutzes.
Seit gut 10 Jahren werden diese beiden Ziele vor allem in Berlin verfolgt. Projekte sind z.B. interkulturelle Gärten, Anwohnergärten, Ausstellungen, Theaterstücken Film- und Fotographische Projekte im Stadtraum und immer lokal, gemeinsam mit Anwohnern. Zuletzt haben wir mit #2605 Eine Initiative gestartet um junge Menschen zur Teilnahme an den EU Wahlen zu motivieren

Latest project news

CSG project successfully kicked-off during Cleanup Day

  Circular School Gardens  10 March 2020 at 10:33 AM

Dear Friends, Supporters and Volunteers,

we are happy to share with you the latest progress from the Mekdela primary school from last Friday.

The Cleanup day was a great success - the school director, teachers, school children, parents and the volunteers jointly started the project by seperating bio- from non-biodegradable materials and clearing the site. The first circles of the future system are going to close by using composting techniques to build soil for the school farm. We will continue cleaning the site this Friday to prepare the ground for the farm and water system.

The project team also met with the parent-led school committee and the city's school feeding department and presented the Circular School Gardens idea to them. The stakeholders are very happy with what is planned and ensured their support.

You can support us by spreading the word so that sufficient money will be fundraised to realize the next milestones and join us for the Cleanup Day No. II this Friday from 3pm until 6pm at the school:

Thanks to everyone who is supportive and got involved so far. We will keep you updated here and on

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