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Unser gemeinnütziger Verein hat die beiden Ziele der Völkerverständigung und des Naturschutzes.
Seit gut 10 Jahren werden diese beiden Ziele vor allem in Berlin verfolgt. Projekte sind z.B. interkulturelle Gärten, Anwohnergärten, Ausstellungen, Theaterstücken Film- und Fotographische Projekte im Stadtraum und immer lokal, gemeinsam mit Anwohnern. Zuletzt haben wir mit #2605 Eine Initiative gestartet um junge Menschen zur Teilnahme an den EU Wahlen zu motivieren

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CSG implementation postponed due to COVID-19 crisis

  Circular School Gardens  29 March 2020 at 08:54 PM

Dear CSG supporters, 

we hope that all of you are fine. During these fast-changing times, we would like to share some news from Addis Ababa. 

On 13 March, we met for a second time with many volunteers at the Mekdela school and jointly cleared the future school garden site from heavy stones. We were looking forward to continuing throughout the following days, but the recent corona virus crisis stopped us as the first case was reported in Addis Ababa. The affected people worldwide are in our thoughts now. 

Against the backdrop of the spread of the global pandemic, some CSG team members were unable to come to Ethiopia and the local government decided to close schools for several weeks. We appreciate these precautious measures from all sides as they aim on keeping everyone save. Unfortunately, this also has an impact on our planned implementation timeline. 

Together with the school, local supporters and implementation partner, we Circular School Gardens have agreed to postpone the implementation until further notice. Everyone is convinced to kick-off the project throughout this year, but the exact timeline still needs to be agreed. Until then, your donations will be kept safely and will not be used for other purposes. All donations will ultimately support the creation of the first Circular School Gardens in Ethiopia whenever possible. 

We hope that you understand the current situation and our decision. The forced break will also allow us to intensify our fundraising efforts throughout the summer in Ethiopia and Europe. 

Write us if you would like to contribute in any form. We will update you about the next steps throughout the next weeks and months. Stay tuned and healthy! 

Circular School Gardens Team

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