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Charitable fund "Region Karpat" NEEKA

managed by N. Zamurayeva

About us

In 1994, according to Professor Zoltan Fabry of Uzhgorod State University proposal, NEEKA began to provide aid for victims of Chernobyl 1986.
In 1996 in Zakarpattya Region, Uzhgorod, it was organized the Counseling centre for refugees and asylum seekers.
1998 International Foundation for Health and Environment Protection “Region Karpat” was registered as the charitable organization. We began to support social programs for invalids, children with CCP, rehabilitation of Chernobyl children, refugees and asylum seekers. In 1998 we became UNHCR’s partner and have a project in granting aid, juridical, medical, social.
1998 – 2001 jointly with ADRA organization, NEEKA provided aid for victims of flooding.
The highest body of NEEKA is Conference. The members of Fund are physical and juridical persons. The head is director, who is elected for five years.

NEEKA’s projects:
1994 Help for children affected by the Chernobyl disaster
2000-2010 UNHCR project “Provision of legal, social and material assistance for asylum seekers and refugees in Zakarpattya region”.
2002 Swiss Buro “Renovation of Roma’s school and Carpathian race” (for refugees and Ukrainians)
2002 UNICEF project “Creating the social centre for asylum children”
2003-2008 EU project “Establishment of Migration Management system in Transcarpathia/Ukraine”
2004 UNHCR project “Cross Border cooperation between Zakarpattya Region, Hungary, Slovakia organizations involved in refugee protection”. (2009 – ECRE project)
2009 IOM project GUMIRA
2009-2010 DRC project for UNAM and refugee children
2009-2010 Volunteer’s center for youth (computer courses, language classes,tourism for children and teenagers)
2010 – vocational training (skills training) for asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors, lonely women and refugees in Zakarpatska oblast.


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N. Zamurayeva

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