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Everyone should be entitled to an education. It is a chance to enjoy a better future and we want children worldwide to make use of this entitlement. The PATRIZIA Foundation has been working towards this goal incessantly since 1999. Thanks to many years of expertise and a high level of personal commitment, we create places worldwide that give children and adolescents a sense of security, strength and perspective. By working with selected local partners, we focus on helping people to help themselves in the long term – through schools, support centres, children’s homes and hospitals, all of which are run locally. Every donated euro goes 100% towards our projects.

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PATRIZIA School Buyamba needs your help

  Katrin Halboth  03 September 2021 at 01:30 PM

We need your help now to be able to implement the measures described above and thus help the pupils in Buyamba. Support us in giving children worldwide a perspective for a better future. We promise to use every donated euro in the best possible way. And every euro flows 100 percent into the projects. 

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