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His Mercy Children Center and Outreach

managed by J. Clingerman

About us

n any war or disaster and in all the tragedy that comes along with that, children are always suffering most! Especially in a country where children make up half of the whole population and more than 3 million are orphaned. Urged by eye-witnessing the pain of orphans who are living on the streets, fighting alone for survival every day and driven by his own childhood memories, Martin Male decided to build up the HMCCO instead of working in his profession after being fortunate enough to study information technology.
Begun in 2006 as a child care program in the slums of Nansana village, supporting 8 children from the community, the project grew over the past 5 years and rose to the organization that it is today. Thanks to the great commitment of Martin Male and his supporters an orphanage was opened in Namayumba and in 2008 the 'Jolly Child Nursery and Junior School' followed. Our ambitious and highly motivated team contains Martin Male as the director, Mrs. Nagawa Victoria as the patron of the center, as well as 6 teachers, 2 matrons, 2 cooks and a security guard caring for the welfare of currently 54 orphans at the center's orphanage and 85 students at the school.

HMCCO is an independent, indigenous, interdenominational and non-governmental organisation with the focus on restoring dignity to vulnerable children by parenting them and providing medical care and education. Alongside our orphanage, the center also cares for poor children throughout the community and supports them with scholastic material and nourishment.
Our orphanage offers a safe environment, a roof over the head and true care for the children, which gives them the opportunity to recover from their mostly tragic past and of being a child finally. We are ensuring the free mental development of them by counseling, guidance and spending much time with an open ear.


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