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Char2Cool e.V.

managed by Olivia Thierley

About us

Char2Cool e.V. - Biochar from water hyacinths! Water hyacinths are a fast growing weed that has invaded water bodies all over Africa and Asia. The dense plant covers on lakes and rivers block harbours, make fishing impossible and choke any aquatic life below. An economic, social and ecological catastrophe! We are working with affected communities across Africa, to turn the weed into biochar. Biochar is a permanent carbon sink and helps to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Our team gives the know-how of biochar production and application. Our local partners are using their own capacities to set up and run the actual production. The producers sell the biochar locally as a soil enhancer. The application of biochar makes soils more fertile and drought-resistant. By connecting income generation with climate protection, we have created a self-financing model for sustainable development!

Latest project news

The first harvest with biochar – Arantiok is excited!!

  Olivia Thierley  31 March 2021 at 08:32 AM

Arantiok uses his garden to grow vegetables: Cucumbers, tomatoes, chilis,… and he isn’t the only one. Arantiok is part of the “Garden Farmers of Ikeja Airport Gardening Club”. In August we provided a bag of water hyacinths char for every member to improve their plant growth. ☀️

A week ago, Arantiok sent us a picture of his plants. He is very excited about the results: Everything is growing well and the chilis are huge. 🌿

Biochar stores water and nutrients which makes it an amazing soil enhancer. This leads to higher crop yields and increased food security. 😃💪

The question is: Why aren’t more farmers using biochar? 🤔🌿

…because biochar is widely unknown: The majority of farmers have never heard of it! We need your help to change that. We started our crowdfunding campaign to finance a biochar learning center and a demo-garden. 👩‍🌾🌽

Your donation helps to educate more people about the benefits of biochar. They will be able to increase their harvests just like Arantiok.

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