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International Young Christian Workers (IYCW)

managed by Bernhard Bormann

About us

The International Christian Workers' Youth (ICAJ*IYCW*JOCI) is an international youth movement founded in Belgium by the young priest and later Cardinal Joseph Cardijn. Young seamstresses and factory workers were the first young people to organise themselves in Brussels. From these beginnings the CAJ/YCW/spread to all continents. Today the JOC is organized in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and America. The IYCW is a dynamic movement of young workers* who are actively and motivated to work for justice. Young workers develop actions to fight injustice based on their own life and work reality and experience. Their methode is clear and leads to action: SEE - JUDGE - ACT
Today, thousands of young people around the world join together in the CAJ. Living in precarious working and living conditions, they fight for their working rights, better housing, environmental protection, against discrimination towards migrants and refugees, for fair working conditions.


4, Av. G. Rodenbach B-1030 Brussels

Bernhard Bormann

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