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kyosiga community christian association for De'vt

managed by m. samuel

About us

KACCAD is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that was established in 1994. Since its inception KACCAD’s goal has been to create awareness and development projects to raise the standard of living of underprivileged people in Wakiso and Mpigi Districts of Uganda. KACCAD is especially committed to empowering orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), women, people from child-headed households, women headed households, people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and those with disabilities.

KACCAD looks at community development in a holistic way realizing that people need to have all of their basic needs met in order to advance. From this stand point we work in a verity of areas including: water and sanitation; HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and care services; life skills development; income generation; OVC sponsorship and still other projects. These projects are carried out in secondary and primary schools, in partnership with women’s and youth groups and throughout our service area. Our particular areas of focus are very much responsive to the needs of residents in our area as we work hand in hand with beneficiaries and the local government to identify and meet community needs.

Over the last year KACCAD had been expanding our volunteer programs as a way to strengthen the services we offer in Wakiso and Mpigi Districts. KACCAD is an all volunteer organization with core members living and working in Uganda as well as an international team of volunteers providing support from Europe and the United states. We also work with individual international volunteers from around the world. Our experience working with a diversity of volunteers has prepared us to provide the support and assistance volunteers need to have a powerful experience and to truly be part of work that makes a difference in our community



m. samuel

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