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Pit-Track K9 Conservation

managed by Carl Thornton

About us

Pit-Track is a registered NPC. We are a specialised K-9 Conservation and Anti-Poaching unit made up of highly skilled, passionate and dedicated, operators, members and corporate affiliates, who have devoted our lives to the preservation of all water, flora, fauna and animals with prioritization to endangered species. Pit-Track from beginning to date, has operated extensively on anti-poaching operations Countrywide and has continued against all odds to remain in the field on the frontline of the war against poaching.

Conventional security providers have been servicing reserves for years and there are many issues related to this as the majority of these providers use security guards to perform a ranger function. These guards are usually from urban scenarios and are not trained in the art of providing security services in dangerous game areas and majority are justifiably just too terrified to perform a much-needed security function.


1228 Drommedaris Ave, Bloubosrand
South Africa

Carl Thornton

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