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Kunstbildungsprogramm Ubuntus e.V.

managed by Tina Ruhner

About us

Ubuntus is an inclusive art and education programme which enables non-refugee children and young people, and children and young people who have fled their home countries and are living in collective accommodation and emergency shelters, to become partners.

It establishes education partnerships, with children and young people taking part on equal terms in projects on contemporary art and architecture which bring them into contact with each other and enable them to learn something about themselves.

Ubuntus does not stop at its work with children and young people, however. The programme creates spaces for people to come into contact with each other, regardless of age, and encourages not just children and young people, but also their families, friends and neighbours, to develop and nurture a sense of open community. Engaging with each other in this way enables all participants to experience what diversity means – they learn from the challenges while creating something new.


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Tina Ruhner

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