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Europäische Gebärdensprach-Universität

managed by Patrick H.

About us

Although there are many universities which offer translations from one language to sign language, there is actually only one university in the world which offers courses directly in sign language. This university is called Gallaudet and is situated in Washington, DC.

We want a comparable university in Europe.

With the European Sign Language University Bad Kreuznach, we want to prove that the sign language to spoken language is at least equal. It is possible to communicate all the usual departments of a university in sign language.
And with this university, we want to ensure that the future can have more deaf academic professions, where the community itself it still can not imagine. For example, judge, prosecutor, lawyer, politician, theater director, music teacher etc.. Not only that, but also in sign language.
The European Sign Language University Bad Kreuznach will also, as the other facilities for sign language too, just make an important contribution to that sign language is in the hearing world for granted. E.g. in the U.S., more people are using to communicate in sign language than German.

Why the location in Bad Kreuznach?
Fact: Germany is in the centre of European Union.
Fact: Bad Kreuznach is not far off being the centre of Germany
Fact: Bad Kreuznach is only 200 km away from Strasbourg and Luxembourg
Fact: not only do we have the political will support for such a second university but we have the land for it!

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Lessingstrasse 16
Bad Kreuznach

Patrick H.

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