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Youth Change Impact (YOCI)

managed by C. Zimba

About us

Youth Change Impact (YOCI) is a young peoples’ oriented not for profit making NGO working in communities to engender holistic positive transformation in the lives of the youth that are based in various Lusaka townships and aims at mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS/STIs, Alcohol/Drug abuse, Human Rights Violations, Poverty and Unemployment among the young people.

Even though YOCI was initiated in 2001, the organization was formerly registered under the laws of Zambia with Registrar of Societies in 2002 under registration number 102/35/2748 and National Development Youth Council (NYDC) in 2007.

YOCI seeks to put helpful strategic interventions that are aimed at combating the negative impact of the five captioned vices and scourges affecting the Zambian youth of today. This is done mainly through peer education sensitization and drama initiatives, capacity building, advocacy and lobbying, production and distribution of IEC Materials, Research and skills empowerment.

 To sensitize, train, counsel and provide referral services to young people on HIV/AIDS/STIs, reproductive health and all the related issues.
 To combat and contribute to the reduction of child abuse/human right violation in Zambia by popularizing and advocating for implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).
 To fight and contribute to the mitigation of the levels of alcohol/drug abuse, pornography and other moral decay issues among the young people.
 To improve the lives of orphans, vulnerable children (OVCs) and poverty stricken unemployed young people in Zambia through the empowerment of life and entrepreneurial skills.
 To conscioutize and support the active political participation of the youth and popularize the principles of democratic practices and good governance.


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C. Zimba

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