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Initium e.V.

managed by betterplace-Team

About us

Initium is a non-profit organization whose goal is it to sustainably invest in the infrastructure of medical facilities on the African continent, thereby offering people a healthy perspective on life.
To reach that goal, Initium collects financial and material donations, monitors and supervises the forwarding of them and helps in building and promoting medical facilities.
Initium supports medical facilities like private practices, emergency, hospitals or maternity wards that primarily benefit the general population.
Initium also supports classes focusing on preventative care classes and Awareness Campaigns. We also support the primary and secondary education of medical professionals.

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  betterplace-Team  02 May 2022 at 05:26 PM

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dieses Projekt wurde am 18.1.2020 ordnungsgemäß beendet. Alle gesammelten Spendengelder wurden an den Verein Initium e.V. überwiesen. Der*die Projektverantwortliche hat sein*ihr Profil gelöscht.

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