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About us

proLoka is a project platform and network to exchange knowledge and competences between people, institutions and cultures. Everyone is ecouraged to propose ideas - proLoka aims to fill the gaps, make links and provide an institutional base.

proLoka projects were carried out in Austria, where the organisation started but also in India and Pakistan. Today some projects are not related to any country but web-community based with a rooting in real life, aiming to link people around the globe with one aim.

The projects cover arts and culture, health and humanitarian aid projects, education and activities that stem from sheer conviction of the benefit and joy a creative idea can set free.

proLoka is a non-profit organisation that is supervised by its board, based in Austria, Germany and Switzerland with a registration as NGO and its headquarters in Austria. All board members have year long experience in the fields where proLoka projects are carried out.

Each project has its independent presentation and project team that is accountable to the goals it proposed to the proLoka board. A summary of all past and ongoing activities can be found on the website.

The name proLoka is based on two words of the languages Latin and Sanskrit. "pro" meaning "for" and "loka" equivalent to "the world" represents the overall goal of our projects: to contribute meaningful activities to this world.

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Donations that cannot be used for the project

  (Deleted User)  25 July 2016 at 02:43 PM

Dear donors,
when managers of a project haven't requested a payout over the course of a longer period, the German law and our terms of use provide that we ( gemeinn├╝tzige AG, operator of use the money for our tax-deductible purposes. The same applies to the cancellation of a project, where the manager of the project is unable to realize it.

Therefore we will use these donations for the following purposes:

Thanks for your support,

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