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managed by M. ROLAND KOFI

About us

Established in 1962 by Mary Steele and Gretchen Weed from the Summer Institute of Linguistics, UK, the project has evolved from the core objectives of Bible translation and literacy for adults and children at the community level to incorporate other development activities like good governance at the grass root level, capacity building among women, income generating activities, micro-finance, etc, and scripture in use to align itself with its development partners.


A sustainable organisation working in partnership with communities that are healthy, well educated, spiritually developed, and economically vibrant in a peaceful environment.


Exist to improve the living standard of the target population in literacy districts, through intensification and expansion of functional literacy drives, promotion of income generating activities, environmental protection and spiritual development.


1.Translated the complete Bible into the Konkomba language
2.Translated the abridged constitution of the Republic of Ghana (1992 constitution) into Konkomba language
3.Development of various primers in the Konkomba language
4.Formation of literacy classes and REFLECT circles in recent times sponsored by Action Aid Ghana in various communities, advocacy teams for the well being of the people.
5.Over five thousand human resource through literacy who are working in various sectors across the country and beyond.
6.The organisation has drilled boreholes for clean water, latrines, wells etc. with community initiatives and other development partners.
7.Translation of national educative programmes to the local language.
8.Human rights initiatives to eliminate worse forms of traditional practices such as forced marriage, female genital mutilation, girl-child education, etc.
9.Community library for the people




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