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Free Generation International

managed by Y. Darkwa-Poku

About us

Free Generation International is an abolitionist organization committed to addressing capacity gaps in the field of human trafficking and its linkages with gender-based violence. We seek to eradicate trafficking through the development of innovative and diverse prevention, protection, prosecution and victim aftercare strategies that are culturally-tailored, relevant and responsive. Recognizing that trafficking manifests in different contexts all over the world, FGI works to understand and respond to the unique and particularized trafficking problems in different areas. We seek to engage all generations to secure the freedom of the next one and those that come after, one continent at a time.

Free Generation’s Africa initiative focuses on the development of innovative and culturally relevant methods of sensitizing the African public about human trafficking, mobilization of a Pan-African youth movement, creation of an African resource collection and referral database, creation of prevention services to improve skills and life conditions of families in order to reduce their vulnerability to traffickers, practical training for the investigation and surveillance of human trafficking activities and development of victim aftercare infrastructure that is almost non-existent on the continent.


519 Whitehaven Drive

Y. Darkwa-Poku

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