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Centre for Intercultural Exchange Programmes

managed by A. Osei

About us

The Centre for Intercultural Exchange Programmes (CIEPS) is an organization that seeks to foster friendship, peace and global understanding through academic and cultural exchanges. CIEPS organizes study, teach, volunteer, intern, work, camp, homestay as well as travel and work programmes in Ghana. Our programmes are fashioned to help participants gain insight into Ghanaian and other cultures.

At CIEPS, we share in the view that diversity enriches our lives. Just as the biological diversity of an ecosystem increases its stability and productivity, cultural diversity is supposed to bring together the resources and talents of many people for the shared benefit of all. But, history suggests that the differences among us form the basis of fear, bigotry, and even violence in most part of the world. Yet consider how dull life would be if we all looked alike, thought alike, and acted alike!

We believe that by learning to recognize our similarities and appreciate our differences, together we can overcome prejudice and intolerance and work towards a more peaceful, just and productive world.
Our programmes have been endorsed by industry professionals and bodies in Ghana. Award winnin


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