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Transnational Queer Underground e.V.

managed by Verena S.

About us

A world where everyone can be free.
We believe that no person is free while there are others that are not.
We want to work towards creating that freedom for all.

1. Creating and maintaining as an online platform, that provides useful information for the community and anyone interested.
2. Keeping this platform inviting and encouraging for people to participate, to come out and to find their voice.
3. Organizing public and private events, such as workshops, lectures, exhibitions, concerts, seminars, exchanges, etc.
4. Publishing books, zines, posters, etc.
5. A membership program for cultural and political activists to get in depth support and to participate in transnational projects and collaborations. Members can also take an active role in setting TQU’s agenda.
6. We are new. This is just a beginning. Our mission might change over time, our vision won’t.

Latest project news

What happend in 2019?

  Verena S.  04 February 2020 at 07:01 PM
Hello friend, I hope you are well.

2019 is over and with 2020 a new decade is beginning. A decade in which we will all have to get to work to make this world a better place. In which it is up to us to decide what we want our future to look like.
Will it be peaceful?
Will we finally open all borders?
Can we start with our hearts?
How will we save this planet from collapsing? How can we bring sense to those who are only interested in their own profit?
What is it that you and me can do?
And how can we support eachother?

Are you ready to change the world?

When I founded TQU in 2009 the world was a different place. There's so much that has changed for the better in the last ten years.

We've seen new movements rise, the internet has brought so many people together, made organizing easier and gave us access to new information. Who would have thought in 2009 that something like #metoo could actually happen?

But there is room for much more improvement and for us to grow stronger, together.

Transnational Queer Underground is just one place amongst many, but it is a place I still believe to be necessary: To build and strengthen queer community beyond borders and to let us all come a bit closer together.

I will continue to work for a world in which we can actually all be free - and I'm greatful to know that you are by my side.

I already have a couple of plans for TQU for this year, but more on that later. 2019 has been about networking and thinking about the future of TQU. Though you can also find quite a few new publications on the website.

In 2020 TQU will be out there. I'm excited. Are you too?visit the Transnational Queer Underground

Here's what happened in 2019:Queermoves - Berlin
Last spring/summer Dixie joined TQU and offered some donation based queer movement classes in Berlin.
Read more

TQU Short Film Nights - Berlin
In February I sent out a call for short film submissions. More than 600 films were submitted. Almost 60 films got selected and were shown during 6 short film nights here in Berlin. In 2020 the film nights will go on tour.
Learn more

ArtGora - Riga
In April I traveled to Riga to meet with other cultural activists working on gender equality from Europe and beyond. So many inspiring people and projects.
Learn more

TQU @Whose Museum - Malmö
In May TQU was invited to host an exhibition at the Whose Museum in Malmö. The winners of our photo competition Climate Change - Climate Crisis where exhibtied there, I gave a talk about the history of TQU and we screened some short films as well.
Take a look

Tallinn Feminist Festival
The Tallinn Feminist Forum (TALFF) is a meeting place for those who care about women’s and minorities’ rights in Estonia and in neighbouring countries, that took place in November.
See more

Arts & Culture Under Pressure - Zagreb
This practioners lab was organized by Tandem and the Bosch Alumni Network and brought together activists from Egypt, Belarus, Turkey and the European Union to talk about how to make art when societies become more and more oppressive.
See more

Oh and I got invited as a speaker to BedTalks Berlin to talk about TQU. You can read about that here: LOLA MAG

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