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Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa

managed by Kerstin Eckart

About us

The politically impartial Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe was founded by Pauline Schwarzkopf in 1971 in Hamburg. The foundation's mission is to support the development of young people into politically-aware and responsible citizens by focusing on the strengthening of the European Idea and pan-European understanding.

Schwarzkopf Foundation is an umbrella organisation of the European Youth Parliament.

Latest project news

We received a payout of €585.00

  Kerstin Eckart  11 August 2022 at 09:04 AM

The donations will support the implementation of our programme lines:

 Our Events&Awards promote the dialogue between young people, decision makers, experts and time witnesses and create a space for the exchange of ideas. Annually we grant the Young European Award, the Schwarzkopf Europe Award and the Margot Friedländer Award.  The European Youth Parliament is a peer-to-peer network that aims at the development of its participants and fosters international understanding, intercultural exchange and a variety of ideas and practices.   Understanding Europe is an educational network by and for young people committed to civic participation and to a democratic and open-minded Europe.  Our Education&Travels programme grants the participants a wide ranging training offer about democracy and diversity in Europe. In addition we support ca. 80 travel grantees on their journey through Europe.  As a dialogue forum for young people, the Junge Islam Conference addresses questions about a constructive and equal coexistence in the immigration society. Through its events and network, we create opportunities for encounters, reduce prejudices and empower young people to work for an open and diverse society.  
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