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r0g_agency for open culture gGmbH

managed by T. Mboa Nkoudou

About us

r0g_agency is the Berlin-based non-profit agency for open culture and critical transformation. Initiated in 2012 and founded as a non-profit company (German gGmbH) in September 2013 by Stephen Kovats and Susanne Bellinghausen, r0g_agency comprises a team of open culture specialists active in locations worldwide.

r0g_ follows a philosophy of ‘open knowledge for open societies’, with a focus on creating sustainable open systems solutions for post-conflict and post-disaster development. In doing so the r0g_agency acts to put into practice the mechanisms of sustainable open culture methodologies using appropriate and community-based resources and technologies including Open Source (i.e. FOSS and Open Hardware), Open Educational Resources (OER), Open Data and related Open ICT4D, DIY and Up-Cycling methodologies.

Latest project news

We received a payout of €66.30

  P. Ivo Franco  26 May 2021 at 06:07 PM

die Gelder werden für die weitere Entwicklung des ASKotec in Uganda und Süd Sudan eingesetzt.
The #ASKotec is a kit that is designed to work as a mobile training set and is equipped with the items needed to teach others how to use Open Tech and Open Source Hardware in order to innovate, educate, and repair items, thereby providing access to vital skills and knowledge. The kit is especially valuable to communities where access to tools and materials is often scarce.

The Open Tech Emergency Case is housed in a rugged, dust-proof case and includes a range of high-quality tools and materials needed to teach hands-on skills in terms of repairs, development, and upcycling. The kit allows for

learning about electronics, especially the use of small-scale solar energy. repairing, disassembling, and building mechanical and electronic devices. the development of skills and sharing of knowledge. Each #ASKotec contains over 50 items, including:

electronics, connection hardware, solar elements soldering, cutting, measuring, and specialised mechanical tools arduinos, sensors, LEDs, related modules manuals and user-developed how-to guides a compact Linux computer with open source software For more information about the #ASKotec, go to:


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