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Holy spirit Movement NPO

managed by L. Sobetwa

About us

HSM is a organisation that want to create a healthy,wealthy and free community by taking the unprivileged people and give them skills to start businesses. We are looking to work with the school dropouts and ex-prisoners and give them skills so that they can enter the job and business market and leave substance abuse and crime. Our country is effected by crime,unemployment and substance abuse so we want to give our hands to help.

Crime is committed by people who say they are looking for capital to start business and it is also committed by people who have salesman mindset and trading skills but I driven by substance abuse ,you help those people fight the addict of substance and you help them with right goods to sell and right service to render you create a free,healthy and wealthy community.


X291 Gazi street
cape town
South Africa

L. Sobetwa

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