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Uganda National Association of the Sick

managed by N. Immaculate

About us

This organisation was started in 2008 with the main aim of advocating and reaching support and assistance to the families of people living with HIV/AIDS more especially elderly,widows.children and under aged mothers.This organisation was started after seeing the need that many rular people were deing due to the fact that they do not have access to treatment and care.The mission of this organisation is to excel as an enabling organisation reaching every Hiv/Aids victim in the country most especialy those in villages.The vision of this organisation is to extend services and support to hiv/Aids victims in every corner of Ugandan such that the rate at which these people are deing due to lack of these services is reduced and their last days are not misserable.

Latest project news

Give food and save the poor

  N. Immaculate  11 May 2010 at 09:54 AM

Many patients in Ugandan today find it hard to got to government hospitals to be admited because the government changed the policy that today if you go in the hospital and you are admited and you do not have someone to help you or buy you food you may die of hunger other than the disease because the government stopped providing food for the patients and so you have to come with your own food or provide for yourself and this is quite very difficult moer especialy for those who come from rular areas because they end up loosing the moral toaccess these hospitals and end up deing in their homes .We are kindly apealing to people of good hearts to support this project such that we save lives of poor patients deing in hospitals of hunger.

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