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Bonn Greeters

managed by Marisa

About us

Bonn Greeters is a member of Global Greeters, a movement with over 140 Greeter destinations world wide. Our motto is „ Come as a guest and leave as a friend.“

A Greet involves a local resident (a Greeter) who volunteers their time to welcome visitors and share their love of Bonn. Greeters show the city from a local perspective, focusing on the little things that make Bonn home: a neighbourhood, a street corner, a local pub. Visitors are privy to personal stories, anecdotes and tips. A Greet usually lasts between two to three hours, with no more than 6 people in a group. The small group size allows for exchange of ideas, cultures and stories, thus building links between people from different cultures, races and religions.

Latest project news

We received a payout of €356.50

  Marisa   23 December 2020 at 11:46 AM

The donations will assist in funding the following operational and marketing tools: the yearly domain registration fee, the email accounts, the Wordpress plugins, the printed cards for guests and the Greeter buttons worn buy volunteers for easy identification. 

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