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The Green Forest Fund® (GFF) is a young non-profit registered association based in Heidelberg, Germany. Our aim is to make a sustainable and transparent contribution to the protection of the climate and the domestic species.

We create new, ecologically sustainable mixed forests and protected areas, and preserve existing woodland areas with old tree populations, which we convert into tomorrow’s ancient forests. This is how we want to secure the natural resources for humans, animals and plants and make our contribution to the protection of the environment, biodiversity and CO2 absorption as part of the Paris Agreement.

It all starts with you: With the help of your donation, we plant trees to compensate your personal CO2 emissions. This creates an opportunity to live a climate-neutral life. In addition, we invest the donations in the acquisition of land in order to make it available solely for nature - to preserve the unique beauty and diversity of nature on our planet.

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Wir haben 12.546,79 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Thorsten Walter  14 July 2022 at 09:30 AM

Wir sagen Danke! Danke für neuen Urwald von morgen in Brandenburg im UNESCO Biosphärenreservat Elbe Flusslandschaft. Wo genau? Das findet ihr hier: Wer möchte kann die dortigen Flächen gerne mit den Rangern des UNESCO Biosphärenreservates besichtigen. Noch benötigen wir bis Ende 2023 weitere 400000 Euro für rund 400000 qm Fläche, die wir gerne erwerben und zu den Urwäldern von morgen entwickeln wollen. 

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