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Migration_miteinander was founded in April 2017 and will be active nationwide in Germany.
The association follows three main objectives the realization of which is characterized by the intention to strengthen Europe and to raise international understanding:

Empowerment of migrants: Through orientation programs or advice offers migration_miteinander wants to provide migrants with the necessary information, knowledge and skills for a self- determined life in Europe.
This shall make possible a full participation in and contribution to the host society as regards both social and in particular professional integration.
Promotion of a European identity and exchange between European citizens: Migration_miteinander reacts to the need of European solutions and intra- European solidarity. Mostly young European shall come together and receive the tools to have an impact on their Europe.

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Ich habe 353,93 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Golde E.  02 October 2018 at 04:56 PM

Diese Spendengelder werden eingesetzt, um den Freiwilligendienst von Yacouba zu ermöglichen. Am 01.11. steht der Visumsantrag bei der deutschen Botschaft in Rom an und dann hoffentlich bald die Einreise nach Deutschland mit mit gültigem Visum. 

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