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We improve the lives and opportunities of vulnerable children.

Our vision is to ensure the most vulnerable children receive the support they need to improve their wellbeing, develop their potential and succeed at leading a self-determined, independent life.

Our objectives are to help vulnerable children overcome trauma, get the knowledge and skills they need to thrive, and enable them to positively integrate into society. We believe by doing this, we are providing the children we support – in both Ukraine and Malawi – with the best chance to lead a self-determined adult life.

We put the child at the centre of everything we do. We take a holistic approach that directly helps the individual child and supports carers to improve their environment. By partnering with others, we’re able to make a greater, more sustainable difference.

Care in Action e.V. has been active since 1998, registered in Munich, Germany, and works with "Turbota v Dii" registered in Lviv, Ukraine

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  J. Lehnis  28 April 2021 at 06:02 PM
Care in Action | Help for families in crisis (

see article on supporting the families during this difficult time.

Many thanks for your support - that goes directly to those in need. Much appreciated.
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