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Federacion de Organizaciones de Base Rosario

managed by G. Sanso

About us

We are an organization of unemployed people from three neighborhoods in the city of Rosario,Argentina, whose main goal is to autogenerate jobs by starting small micro-enterprises(entrepreneurships). One of the most difficult aspects as you know is getting financing for starting the micro-enterprises.

Since most of us live in poor neighboorhoods with poor living conditions(contaminated water,garbage,bad conditions in hospitals,bad nutrition,bad conditions in schools...)we are also trying to improve our living conditions. We are currently building three soup kitchens, one in each neighborhood, thanks to donations we received by generous people but still need to buy construction materials among other things.

One important fact is that we don't get any financing from the government or any organization, so all our incomes are generated by our own contributions and by some donations.

We'd really appreciate any contributions to help us build the soup kitchens and to start some micro-enterprises. Thank you.

PD: We are working on our website, which you may visit when it's finished meanwhile we can send you pictures if you'd like.


Balcarce 137 Bis 8B

G. Sanso

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