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Cause Marketing Fundraisers

managed by N. Kotschan

About us

Cause Marketing Fundraisers (A company formed in terms of Section 21 of the companies act of South Africa) acknowledges the importance of public private partnerships, the need for collaborative efforts and as such offers assistance in accordance with the needs of Health Professional Council of South Africa and the Department of Health both local and regional.

Cause Marketing Fundraisers (CMF) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating awareness around Cancer, especially Breast Cancer. We do this by educating women and performing breast screens – free of charge to those without medical insurance. For these purposes we utilize two mobile breast check units that go out into the communities and reach areas that previously did not receive any medical attention of this sort.

Our key message is: “Early detection saves lives.”


Milky Way Avenue
South Africa

N. Kotschan

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