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Enriching Lives Inspiring Minds Foundation

managed by J. Meagher

About us

Enriching Lives Inspiring Minds Foundation is a non-profit organization working among the indigenous tribals of Jharkhand in the districts of Dumka and Deoghar.

We aim to provide education and healthcare to the indigenous people in the area, our projects include a school and clinic, we distribute medicines, prenatal supplements and life saving vitamins to the areas to women and children.

Enriching Lives Inspiring Minds is a A Registered Charity Under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013 bearing CIN:U85320JH2017NPL009845 and PAN:AAECE6046R our License No 109059 and NITI Aayog, Government of India Unique ID : JH/2017/0150341 also registered under the Good and Services Act GSTUIN : 2018IND00016ONZ GuideStar # 9342 | International Bridge # 1178527404


Village Dubaidhi, Kathikund, PO Kalajhar,

J. Meagher

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