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Projekt 100% MENSCH gemeinnützige UG

managed by H. Edmaier

About us

100% MENSCH (100% HUMAN) is a non-profit project invested in achieving and supporting complete legal and social equality, along with the acceptance of sexual orientation and gender (LGBTIQA).

To achieve this goal, the project pursues several angles, these being (amongst others): recording and performing of charity songs, hosting cultural events, issueing of relevant publications, and the active raising of awareness for social issues of the queer community along with public relations.

The project 100% MENSCH is a non-profit promotional society, which relocates any made earnings to approved non-profit organisations. These organisations invest funds into assistance for the queer community on a national or even international level. The umbrella term queer community refers to, amongst others, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, intersex and asexual identities.


Bochumer Straße 1

H. Edmaier

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