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True Companion Foundation (TrueCorp-Ghana)

managed by N. Mensah

About us

True Companion Foundation (TrueCorp Ghana) is a not for profit, voluntary, nongovernmental organisation committed to providing a platform for the inspiration and empowerment of children and youths and beyond through promoting opportunities to support their communities, connect and grow sanitation and preventive health practices, through education, mentoring, networking, strategic alliances, and developing and recognizing excellence in the ability and will of children.
The Foundation aims to be a united, non-ethnic and non – sexist association that helps young ones to create connections on multiple dimensions - personal, professional and educational - throughout their lives. It also creates opportunities for children to develop project ideas to sustain the development of the communities. It also creates opportunities that will help in achieving the MDG target on maternal mortality and sanitation.


Emintsimadze Street
Cape Coast

N. Mensah

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