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I have already register a project title holistic child development is run by REVIVAL TABERNACLE FELLOWSHIP

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A child need your love gift

  A. Deep  04 September 2016 at 07:02 PM

Greetings from holistic child development with education it is a great opportunity to consider a child who really have great desire to go school and become a good person but childhood time is very precious and during this time child need love I know Mamta she was doing house cleaning work while she was only 4 years I asked her this is your school attending time she replied me I have desire but my parent are very poor and they can not afford my need my father is not working because he is effected by pareletic his one leg and hand stop to work this is the story of Mamta but I visited her house talked with her parent finally I request them why not you send her to school they said we are poor and we are not in position to send Mamta school .some how I raised a small fund took her in goverment school also she started to come our holistic child development we provide her text book and uniform now Mamta is studying in class 10th and also coming in our this child development center learing extra subject of of English she says I will become a Teacher and teach the children in our community but poverty cause many time children stop to contious study but we are more concern for Mamta desire my precious friend you can help Msmta and enable her to reach her dream your one time donation can encourage Mamta to meet her higher study expense please help one time donation it will assist her to contious her study please help Mamta we are ready to give more information. about Mamta your donation will be more appriciable for our waiting children you can see about our children activity in better your one time donation can provide a child food uniform shoes tuition and hygenic provide only Euro 50 Arvind deep Manager

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