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Heaven Foundation Organization

managed by B. Godfrey

About us

Heaven Foundation college international, is located in bushenyi Uganda EastAfrica, 15pple sat and felt it Necessary to have a hands on skills, Many Youth leave university and other institutions but fail to get jobs because they have no skills to work, In uganda an average of about 70%do don't work because they have no skills, Employers find it had to Emplyed young graduates or youth just because of the are Simi skilled, our institution is in place for this group of Pple who seem to be frustrated, and are redundant, we have already built our institution to a level that needs volunteers from all parts of the world, we want everybody in Uganda skilled and able to do something for him or her self every youth should be able to have a skill employ him self and add on his support to national income. We mean carpentry, tailoring & design, metal furbrication, Building, pottery and salamics, mechanics,Tourism and hotel management, we are on facebookas: Heaven Foundation college international.

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B. Godfrey

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