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About us

Tupakase~ which means Let's Forge A Way Together is a social initiative that aims to create empowerment for underprivileged Ugandan women 15-30 by providing safe spaces for the girls/ women to practice vocational/ non-vocational skills, while accessing Sexual and Reproductive Health solutions in the forms of trainings, methods and counseling. This connection is derived from the fact that a woman that has control of her finances is more likely to take care of her sexual/ reproductive health.
We shall go to the communities in cargo containers/ temporarily rent out space near the women’s communities. Here, we will have a program designed to equip these women with skills like bead making, sewing, hair braiding basic English speaking and written skills, coding and entrepreneurship concepts, budgeting. We carefully traverse the taboo topic of sexual and Reproductive Health by baking it in with the whole program.


Kiwafu B, Kitalanga Road.

Angela .

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