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HEEED Chembe

managed by A. Lindseth

About us

WWF Finland founded and funded HEEED, as an NGO, which is now carrying on these initiatives – having received its first 3-year WWF Finland grant in January 2006. HEEED (NEDI), a local Malawian NGO with a Board of Trustees, a Constitution, was registered No. NEDI TR/INC 2053 with the Malawi Ministry of Justice in 2004 and subsequently became a member of CONGOMA.

HEEED stands for Health, Education, Environment, and Economic Development. HEEED continues to promote the original goals set by WWF Finland. Specifically, The Chembe HEEED Centre is a 0.6-hectare area located just behind Cape Maclear EcoLodge (, which is also run by HEEED. Within The Chembe HEEED Centre lies the Panda Garden – a demonstration garden and centre for environmental education activities that seeks to empower the local community to take responsibility for their own health and the health of the environment, while promoting their own, sustainable economic well-being.


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Cape Maclear

A. Lindseth

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