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Marsch des Lebens e.V.

managed by F. Kunze

About us

The March of Life is an initiative by Jobst and Charlotte Bittner and TOS Ministries from Tübingen, Germany. Together with descendants of German Wehrmacht soldiers and members of the SS and police force, they have organized memorial and reconciliation marches at sites of the Holocaust all over Europe. Since the beginning of this movement in 2007, marches were held in 20 nations and in more than 350 cities in cooperation with Christians from different churches and denominations, as well as from many Jewish communities. In 2011 and 2015, the March of Life was honored by the Israeli Knesset for its special efforts on behalf of Holocaust survivors. In 2017, the Jewish Community of Halle in Germany awarded the March of Life movement with the Emil L. Fackenheim Prize for Tolerance and Understanding.

The message of the March of Life stands for:
- Remembering
- Reconciliation
- Taking a stand For Israel and against modern anti-Semitism.

Latest project news

News for August 2022

  Petra Hennig  12 September 2022 at 01:14 PM

Dear donors, 
last month we were able to collect 569 Euro in donations for the service of Holocaust survivors. This money made it possible for 19 Holocaust survivors to spend time at the March of Life House. 
Thank you very much for your valuable support. Our goal of 1260 Euro for this month was reached by 45%.  Together we remain "on the ball" to serve Holocaust survivors! 

Here is a highlight of our meetings in the month of August:  

On August 25, 15 Holocaust survivors from Ashdod visited with us. This meeting came about after the leaders of the group told us about their longing for community and for a change of pace. The Holocaust survivors enjoyed their time on the terrace and also in the house and had lively exchanges with the guests from Germany. The leader of the group told how he survived World War 2 as a child in Winnyza/ Ukraine. Two women from Germany spoke honestly about the guilt of their ancestors against the Jews in Belarus, Poland and Ukraine. Characteristic of this meeting was that everyone enjoyed the very warm atmosphere.  

Toda Raba from Israel for all the support!  

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