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managed by Andrea H.

About us

WHAT IF you knew you could change the world? -You would, simply, do it
WHAT IF you knew your time was limited? -You would, simply, do it now
WHAT IF passion was the main ingredient to get you started? -You would simply, do it with passion
WHAT IF you knew your vision could be shared by many? -You would, simply, do it together

We always ask ourself WHAT IF questions, but the most important thing is that we all share the same answers.
We BELIEVE in a world of action with endless commitment, in a sense of urgency but with endless care, in endless collaboration nets but with soulmate people, and in endless passion steered by clear roadmaps.
We share a VISION: A world where children with albinism born in Tanzania can live in freedom.
And a clear MISSION: Help remove existing cultural & social barriers that are forcing people with albinism to live behind walls in protected centers.
We are a group of professional women with broad expertise in social, creative and business development that one day decided to merge their skills & know-how and put it at the service of a better world. Would you like to be part of our cause?
Kabanga Stars Org is registered in Spain. VAT: G87612339

Latest project news

We are operative! Follow us on social media.

  (Deleted User)  02 November 2016 at 07:13 PM

Dear Kabanga Stars supporters,

we are so happy and grateful for your support. Because of new terms and conditions to the Betterplace website, we´ve had to stop collecting online donations for now, but we want to assure you that we are fully operative!

At the moment our Director is in Kabanga, trying to launch the operations on the ground to do exactly
what you´ve supported us to do - help children living with albinism in Tanzania!

The rest of the team is working hard in Europe to launch the website.

We still need you, every step of the way. Do follow us on our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts to keep updated about every step of our journey, which we could have never set in motion without you.

Asante Sana from the Kabanga Stars team

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Andrea H.

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