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Give a paw, friend (Дай лапу друг)

managed by I. Didur

About us

"Give a paw, friend" - nongovernmental organization for animal rights protection in Zaporizhia, Ukraine.Since 2009, our shelter helps critically ill, injured and traumatized homeless animals.
There is shelter-rehabilitation center on the basis of the organization. Therein we are keeping homeless: disabled and old animals, animals with rehabilitation after surgery, the animals from war-regions (from ATO zone, affected with bullets or explosion)-all those, who could die without human help. After completing the treatment therapy course in a veterinary clinic, all animals are treated against ex- and in-ternal parasites, getting vaccinated, obtaining veterinary passport and necessarily sterilization (depends of age and health conditions). We are NOT commercial organisation: the Shelter exists of charitable donations and help from members of the organization. There is no hired personnel. All those, who works for animals care, for shelter activities - work on free volunteer aid principles.

Latest project news

Thank you PJM A. and Yana K. !!!

  I. Didur  14 July 2016 at 10:44 AM

Friends! Our days again and sad and happy, but we believe in good and continuing to work. You are our helpers! Without you we would just not survive! We thank you! I sincerely and from all our heart!
Currently, we have one more ray of help from you! Namely - through our page on the website for donations, we finally reached the money that Ms. Yana K. and Mrs PJM A. donated for our shelter! From 130 euros we brought 115 (transfers)! The money we did use to pay off debt for the clinic! Thank you  PJM A. and

 Yana K. Thank you for hearing us and open your heart out! We wish you only best and kindness in your life and for your families!

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I. Didur

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