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Reach Out For A Child

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About us

Just like all other children, streetchildren are entitled to education, healthcare and protection, but their access to all these is often denied. The streetchild is however at risk being caught up in a cycle of poverty. The street child needs a responsible adult in their lives, to offer guidance, hope and support. But most importantly, the street child must be given choices and opportunities to build their own future.

At Reach Out For a Child, we recognize that the street child is entrepreneurial, tenacious and intelligent. But, need our help.

We are a group of trustworthy adults, entirely devoted to helping Rural and street children, offering them guidance and a chance to choose a positive PATH in life.

Latest project news

Universal children's day

  Reach out For A C.  06 December 2012 at 01:27 PM

This years universal children´s day celebration was marked by ROFAC and The potters village orphanage in Dodowa - Accra, with lots of fun and speeches to educate the parents on thier responsibilities as adults and parents....,Children were also encouraged to be give thier best and to look dipper into them selves to find that motivation... to grow up to be useful and productive adults. 

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