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Senkwasi Clinic

managed by f. mkandla

About us

This project is aimed at building a clinic in Senkwasi,currently there is a one room for everything,we are appeling to the public to give a helping hand in making this clinic a viable one with a mortuary,wards ,delivery room,waiting rooms for expecting mothers and also to cconnect electricity,we will take it one step at a time,

This project is individually managed and I will need some people from different aspects to keep on coming to see the progress of this project,people are struggling to get service delivery,some theyy travel as far as 15 km to get service,the dead ones are burried the very same day or following day due to high temperatures,the available mortuary is about 20 kms or more and yet people do not have transport to feery the dead one all that far so i was asking for help in building ours with all those services


zhombe kwekwe

f. mkandla

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